A Little About Me


Hello! I’m Ginny! I live with my family in the burbs of Chicago. I met my husband when I was seventeen years old working at a 50’s burger joint. We are both gin drinkers. We have three adorable little ones and are blessed to be in the twin parents club. I am a special needs warrior momma, and I have learned more from my 6-year old warrior about hard work, strength, and resilience than anyone else I have ever met. I love sharing our family life and adventures! It is a great way for me to unwind and show other families it is crazy for all of us!

I am a working mom that keeps piling things on my plate. I have the pleasure of being in 140 high school students’ lives (virtually – remote learning) daily and enjoy influencing their lives as a teacher. I like to say it keeps me young. I also have a side hustle in the shampoo world. I help women gain confidence through healthy hair products. Did you know 90% of your selfie is your hair? On top of that, I am returning to school to get my second Masters. Why not?!

I am passionate about love! I strive to celebrate motherhood. I have the best group of girlfriends anyone could imagine. I lived in Europe for two years and have traveled the globe from Saint Petersburg, Russia to Lima, Peru. Put me on an airplane, and I am one happy lady.

Through my tips and stories, I hope to help just a few of you realize that you can dream bigger and make those dreams become a reality, whether your dreams include becoming a nurse, becoming a mother, balancing a personal and professional life, or just figuring out what to wear for the week, I hope I can help!