Fab Hair, Fewer Washes – Change Your Life With Dry Shampoo

What is Dry Shampoo?

Dry Shampoo is waterless shampoo that absorbs oils, dirt and impurities in between washes. It refreshes hair leaving hair looking and feeling fresh and clean.

Today’s dry shampoos are miracle workers when it comes to adding volume to hair that’s too slick, too soft, or too oily. Dry shampoo have become a staple in many women’s haircare routines. If you have fine-hair, I recommend you add dry a good dry shampoo to your beauty supplies.

How To Use Dry Shampoo?

The beauty of dry shampoo becomes apparent on your greasy hair days. Simply spritz dry shampoo along your hairline, let it dry for 2 minutes, rub it in your scalp and then brush it out. Dry Shampoo will buy you a day or two between washings by soaking up oils on your scalp.

Added Bonus of Dry Shampoo: Volume

Adding volume can be done by moisturizing your scalp and giving it a refresh. The quick flip does wonders. You can add dry shampoo after your regular shampoo-condition for more texture. Additionally, I recommend a preventive approach: try applying dry shampoo to your scalp as soon as you finish blow-drying. That way, there’s already a barrier to the oil helping your volume style to last longer.

Go ahead and elevate with these tips on how to add volume to hair and choose the best hair volume products. From hair care tips to styling tips, I hope now you are confident in knowing how to add volume to your hair.

Which Dry Shampoo do I recommend?

My scalp gets oily on day 2 or 3 after washing depending on the season (my hair gets oilier faster in the summer). The Champ Dry Shampoo from Monat absorbs the oil without leaving a white or ashy residue and doesn’t make my hair feel crunchy or dry in any way. The Champ Dry Shampoo is infused with Rejuveniqe Oil and vital nutrients to condition hair and help keep it looking healthy.

The Champ Dry Shampoo contains rice starch to absorb excess oil. When you first spray the Champ, dark hair will turn a little white or ashy. After leaving the shampoo on your scalp for two minutes and finger combing the product into your hair, the residue will soak in and disappear.

Not all dry shampoos are created equally! The Champ Dry Shampoo is formulated with no Butane or Propane. It is a non-toxic formula that leaves your second-day or third-day hair feeling fresh and clean. It is also cruelty-free, vegan.

Key Ingredients of the Champ Dry Shampoo:
🌾Micro-fine Rice Starch: Absorbs oils and expands to add volume at the roots, without whitening residue.
🌱Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol: Assists in quick-drying and helps provide shine without over-drying.
💧Infused with REJUVENIQE for vital nutrients to condition strands and help keep hair looking healthy.

You can purchase the Champ Dry Shampoo here!

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