20 Reasons Why We All Need Rejuveniqe Oil In Our Lives

Monat’s Rejuveniqe Oil  is a blend of more than 13 unique ingredients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids perfect for all skin and hair types. Rejuveniqe Oil  rejuvenates the scalp and skin to visibly repair with instant and long term age prevention benefits. As we age out body’s own oil production decreases, leaving hair more dull and drying skin causing wrinkles. With the added benifit of being silicone-free,  Rejuveniqe Oil  helps to deliver long-term age-prevention results on hair and skin.

Rejuveniqe Oil can improve your overall appearance and benefit your life by practicing the following tips and tricks:

Benefits for Hair

#1 Rejuveniqe Oil is great for all hair types. Whether you have thin, fine, frizzy, curly, straight, or wavy hair, Rejuveniqe can benefit you.

#2 Use Rejuveniqe Oil as an intense oil treatment before you shower by rubbing the oil through your scalp to rehydrate the hairs follicles, leaving your hair voluminous and shiny. I do weekly overnight oil treatments with Rejuveniqe Oil. Click here to learn more about doing an overnight oil treatment to rejuvenate your scalp.

#3 Use a few drops of Rejuveniqe Oil while dying your hair. Ask your hairdresser or stylist to put a few oil drops in the color formula for brighter and longer lasting color.

#4 Apply a few drops of Rejuveniqe Oil to your dry styled hair for a shiny finish your hair desires.

#5 Give your bouncy curls more definition by putting a few drops of Rejuveniqe Oil in your hands and scrunching the oild into your curls. This will help reduce frizz and give your curls noticeable shine and bounce.

#6 The Rejuveniqe Oil is a game changer to fly-aways. Put a couple of drops in your hands and run it through your hair, keeping your style smooth all day. Prevent fly-aways and breakage when styling your hair by running a few drops through your whole head before braiding or putting your hair in a bun.

#7 Get effortless looking beach waves by adding a few drops to your favorite sea salt spray. In the summer, I add Monat’s Restore Leave-In Conditioner to a spray bottle with water and a few drops of Rejuveniqe Oil and spray my hair. This helps to bring out and tame my natural curls for a no-heat summer look.

#8 Use Rejuveniqe Oil to combat dry hair and skin when spending time in salt water and chlorine. I use a few drops on my hair and skin to keep hydrated while swimming in the summer. Also, Monat’s Restore Leave-in Conditioner can be used for an even more hair protection during summer swimming.

#9 If you struggle with dandruff, dry itchy scalp or scalp breakouts, add some Rejuveniqe Oil to your roots at night to balance you hairs pH. In the morning, wash thoroughly in to leave your scalp healthy and happy.

Benefits for Skin:

#1 Rejuveniqe Oil is not only for your hair. Rejuveniqe Oil helps to improve skin texture and tone by balancing natural oils. Rejuveniqe Oil will balance one’s natural oils, helping you look less shiny and give you a natural glow. This oil helps both naturally oily and natural dry skin types.

#2 Rejuveniqe Oil can be used to help your skin’s texture and tone by applying a couple drops all over before you moisturize. Use also for added hydration and youthful looking skin by adding it into your morning and nightly routine.

#3 I enjoy using Rejuveniqe Oil as a natural lip hydrator or lip stick primer by applying it your lips. Lips age just like our skin. Keep your lips hydrated to look youthful and plump.

#4 Rub Rejuveniqe Oil on your eyelashes at night to promote longer, stronger lashes and remove your mascara. Add a few drops to your favorite mascara to boost lash growth during the day and give your lashes a longer fuller look.

#5 Use Rejuveniqe Oil if you struggle with breakouts, bumpy, wrinkled or uneven skin tone by rubbing the oil into your pores. This will promote healthy skin cells. It will help with tightening and reducing large pores size giving your skin a smooth, flawless look and texture.

#6 If you struggle with blemishes, acne scars, or sun spots, add Rejuveniqe Oil to your daily routine to reduce the color of blemishes or scars while evening the tone of your skin.

#7 If the men in your life have a beard, habe them use some Rejuveniqe Oil to promote hair growth, while adding a soft texture and shine to their beard.

Benefits for Body:

#1 Rejuveniqe Oil is also a great moisturizer for dry spots on your body. Add it to your bath water for a relaxing, hydrating, spa like experience. Or rub the oil in those flaky areas for healthy glowing skin. My skin gets dry and itchy in the winter. Using Rejuveniqe Oil when I first feel dry, immediatley stops the itching from happening.

#2 Message Rejuveniqe Oil into areas you struggle with cellulite, saggy skin, or even stretch marks. It will tighten the skin and increase circulation, reducing any discoloration and texture.

#3 Rub Rejuveniqe Oil on your hands and cuticles to increase hydration in your hands. Give your nails and cuticles an oil treatment before a manicure to strengthen your nails.

#4 If your hands and feet suffer from dryness or cracking, apply Rejuveniqe Oil and let the oil soak in to repair and hydrate the skin.

Regardless of your hair or skin type. Rejuveniqe Oil can benefit you. The clinically proven blend of its ingredients work great, are powerful and effective. Get yourself a bottle of Rejuveniqe Oil today and starting looking and feeling like your best self!

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