Hair Heat Protectants are a Game Changer for Healthy Hair

If you’re not protecting your hair from heat then you will probably never get the hair you’re longing for. Heat is the number one cause of hair damage!

But why does heat damage your hair?

Many of us expose our hair to heat several times a day. Nothing styles our hair better than heat. Heat can make curly hair straight and straight hair curly. It can tame out of control locks, and make them look as though we just stepped out of a salon. But, routine blow drying and use of hot tools causes cracks in hair’s surface leaving the hair dry, brittle and dull.

What can you do to protect your hair from heat?

Before using hot styling tools, spray/rub a heat protectant on your hair to protect it from damage. Here, I have listed my three favorite heat protectants. The ingredients in Monat’s heat protectants can seal your hair cuticle and make it more resistant to heat damage. These heat protectant products also add beneficial vitamins and fatty acids to your strands and then seal them into the hair shaft, while the heat protectant also seals the heat out.

Why products do I use to protect my hair?

The Blow Out Cream restores your hair’s natural softness and shine. It will reduce your drying time (both with a hair dryer and air dried), protect your hair from heat damage up to 300° and will perfect your look.
• contains a silicone alternative 100% natural in origin⁣
• protects against heat damage while blow drying⁣
• does not weigh hair down or feel greasy⁣
• provides a silky, satiny, smooth feel when styling⁣
• gives an anti-static effect⁣
• is a silicone-free heat protection⁣
• offers low-to-medium heat protection (up to 300°F)⁣
• reduces drying time⁣
• can be used even when you don’t blow dry to smooth your hair
It was said a silicone-free heat protectant for high temperature was not possible, but Monat was able to make one! Monat’s Thermal Heat Protectant Spray strengthens and protects fine fragile hair from hot tools.
• provides high heat (450°F) + UV protection to prevent against damage + breakage⁣
•  is a natural silicone alternative improves slip to reduce friction while styling⁣
• can be applied to wet or dry hair
• improves hair’s strength and elasticity⁣
• helps repair the hair fiber⁣
• provides unrivaled defense against the high heat generated by thermal styling tools⁣
This creamy lightweight heat protectant protects the hair from the extreme heat of styling tools by minimizing the amount of damage to the hair and delivering long-lasting hold and shine.
• leaves hair looking healthy + shiny⁣
• is formulated with THERMA-GUARD 450™ to reinforce + protect the outside of the hair fiber⁣
• provides high heat (450°F) + UV protection to prevent against damage + breakage⁣
• helps prevent moisture loss⁣
• is a lightweight formula, will not weigh hair down⁣
• is a non-sticky, non-tacky texture allows for a clean release from hands + styling tools
𝗣𝗥𝗢 𝗧𝗜𝗣: It is important to know the differences in heat protectants and choose the best for you!
A spray is great for heat protectant at the beach, pool, while outside. A spray is also helpful when the hair is dry prior to using curling irons/straighteners/etc.⁣
A cream is great for those with thicker hair or those who use high heat more often.⁣
Blow Out Cream?
The Blow Out Cream is great for those who fight frizz and blow dry their hair often.⁣

How do I use Monat’s heat protectants?

I curl my hair often (3+ times a week). To help my hair, I mix a pea sized amount of Blow Out Cream with one pump of the Thermal Protect Shield together to apply to my hair before blow drying. I do this because I love the anti-frizz benefits of the Blow Out Cream and appreciate the higher heat protection from the thermal protect!⁣
If I’m not blow drying my hair, but plan to use a hot tool? I use the Blow Out Cream on wet hair and use the Heat Protectant Spray on dry hair before using my hot tools.
While heat damage can be prevented or minimized through the use of the best heat protectant options for hair, and there are treatments that can improve the appearance of scorched hair. I recommend hair masques and hair oil treatments to help improve dry heat damaged hair. Click here to read about hair masques and why you should incorporate them into your hair washing routine.
Happy hair protecting! XO!