Summer Hair Essentials

It is time for shorts, loose tops and sundresses. Bring on the picnics, barbecues, pool and beach! But before you start soaking up these sunny days, are you equipped to care for your hair? The sun’s rays not only damage your skin, but your hair too! UVA + UVB rays from the sun act like bleach on hair causing damage to the outer layer called the cuticle. Here are some summer hacks to protect your hair from the sun’s rays, humidity, heat, and chlorine or salt water

Be careful not to wash your hair too much. Summer heat and humidity causes excess sweat and greasiness. The temptation is to wash your hair more often when you see your hair looking a little greasy. But some shampoos, especially those with sulfates, can have a drying effect, which is made worse by the hot sun. Use a sulfate-free shampoo, like Renew Shampoo, which will clean your hair and scalp without stripping any natural oils, leaving you with clean and silky hair. You also can simply rinse your hair after a day at the beach or pool and then use a dry shampoo like The Champ Conditioning Dry Shampoo to get rid of any extra oiliness.

Hold off on the blow dryers and other heating tools in the summer (if you can)! Blow drying your hair as infrequently as possible during the hot summer months. This also goes for your curling iron and wand too. During the hot, sunny summer months, air dry your hair whenever possible and go as naturel as you can. Slightly messy hair is actually quite “in” during the summer. Go for effortless, beachy waves by washing or wetting your hair before bed, then piling it up in a bun or braid on top of your head. Finish it off the next morning with adding a little water to your hair and styling with Restyle Instant Sculpting Taffy. 

Which products do I recommend to protect your hair during the summer?

A key ingredients, Crodasorb, found in Monat products helps to protect against the sun’s damaging UV rays. This will help in preserving hair’s natural pigmentation, keeping strands protected and strong.
🌱REJUVENIQE OIL — This oil has 13+ essential oils and omegas. The particle size is so small that it penetrates all three layers of your hair strand, healing your hair and scalp from the inside out. This oils is good for your hair and skin! Everyone, yes, everyone needs this oil! It works amazing when I get a little too much sun too! Click here to read more about Monat’s Rejuveniqe Oil.
🌱 RESTORE LEAVE IN CONDITIONER — This conditioner has Cordasorb in it to protect your hair from damage from the sun, heat, chlorine and salt. It can be used after showering or before going into the pool on wet or dry hair.
🌱 UNKNOT DETANGLER — This product will be a lifesaver for any of you (especially your kids) with tangled hair after showering or coming out of the pool, or lake or getting off a boat or wave runner with your windblown hair! It also has an ingredient called Fiber Rescue to prevent damage from brushing and strengthen your hair strands! I suggest having a bottle of the Unknot Detangler in your bathroom and summer bag!
🌱 COLOR LOCKING AND PROTECTING SPRAY — This spray will help save your hair from fading, damage and dehydration. ⁣Use on both wet and dry hair before spending time in the sun.
🌱 Another options to help once your hair is feeling dry is a hair masque. Read here all about my favorite hair masques.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water to keep your scalp and roots hydrated. Water is critical to every single cell, including those that contribute to hair growth and overall quality of hair. Eat healthy, including lots of omega-3 fatty acids, to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy, and drink plenty of fluids to keep your hair beautiful and lustrous. Click here to read more about foods that help with hair and nail growth.

Now kick back and enjoy yourself those long lazy days of summer!