Ten of the Most Photo Worthy Locations in Chicago

Chicago is a beautiful and photogenic city. From fantastic skyline views to gorgeous architecture, Chicago offers a fabulous backdrop for pictures of all types. If you are traveling to Chicago, visiting from the suburbs or here on a business trip, make sure to be ready with your camera or cell phone to capture pictures in this (my) beautiful city.

#1 BP Bridge connecting Maggie Daley Park with Millennium Park

The BP Pedestrian Bridge is known for its snakelike shape due to its curving form.  From the winding silver bridge you can marvel at the skyscrapers, Lake Michigan and park views from any direction. You can find it at the southern end of Millennium Park and take it to walk over Columbus Drive heading to the lake shore.

#2 Calder’s Flamingo

In the middle of the Chicago Loop, you will find Cadler’s Flamingo at 50 W. Adams Street. The bright color of this structure is an offset to the surrounding dark steel office buildings designed by Mies van der Rohe. You can walk under and around Cadler’s Flamingo to get fun pictures. If you get the picture just right, you will be able to see Willis Tower in the background.

#3 Beatnik on the River

This restaurant is located 180 N. Upper Wacker Drive. Beatnik on the River is an exotic escape in the Chicago Loop with breathtaking views of the Chicago River. You will want pictures both inside and outside on the patio located right on the water. Enjoy the cocktails here. They are great!

#4 Hero Coffee

Tucked between two buildings at 22 E. Jackson Boulevard in the Chicago Loop you will find Hero Coffee. Because the café is small and there is no indoor seating, Hero Coffee brings café culture into the alley with tables offering customers to sit, enjoy their coffee and catch up with friends. It reminds me of my time spent at cafes in Europe. It is a picturesque location where you can easily forget you’re in a bustling city.

#5 The Wndr Museum

This experiential museum is located at 1130 W. Monroe Street in Chicago’s West Loop. The Wndr Museum combines science with art inviting you to explore a new genre of immersive and interactive experience. My 7 year son and I visited this museum together and he loved every minute of exploring Wndr.

#6 Maison Marcel in Lincoln Park

In the heart of Lincoln Park Maison Marcel can be found at 2008 N. Halsted Street. The hidden café is located in an alley and can be a little hard to find. This is the to-go version of this French style café. The gorgeous flower and leafy art work on the wall surrounding the ordering window make for an excellent photo location. There is also a sit-down Maison Marcel in Lincoln Park on Broadway with the same photo ready décor.

#7 At the Chicago Board of Trade

Skyscrapers surrounding skyscrapers with the chance of being run over by a car, bus or crazy biker make a picture in front of the Chicago Board of Trade the absolute best. Chicago brides and grooms love taking pictures here and I can see why! The Chicago Board of Trade can be found at 141 W. Jackson Boulevard. I love this location with the American flags, street lights, crosswalk and busy city vibe. I used to walk down this street while visiting my dad as a kid when he was at work.

#8 North Avenue Beach

One of Chicago’s favorite beaches is North Avenue Beach in Lincoln Park. It is located at 1600 N. Lake Shore Drive. This beautiful sand beach offers views of the city while you soak up the sun, play sand volleyball and take a dip in Lake Michigan.

#9 Under the L

Throughout Chicago and especially in the Loop, you will find elevated train tracks. Chicagoans call these train tracks the L (or El). The elevated train tracks make for a unique backdrop for photos. In this picture I am on Wabash Avenue just south of Jackson Boulevard. Make sure to wait for a train to ride by before you take the picture. You won’t have to wait long in the Loop, because 5 different lines travel on these same tracks.

#10 Chicago Bridges

There are many bridges crossing the Chicago River, but the Kinzie Street Bridge is my favorite. Just south of Kinzie Street there is an unused railroad bridge  permanently locked in the raised position. Shooting pictures from this bridge makes for a great shot with the raised bridge in the background.


There is plenty more to see and photograph in Chicago. Whether you are a photographer or just love taking photos, I hope you find one of my favorite Chicago spots and take pictures there yourself. I enjoyed collecting these locations for you.

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