Ten Chicago Murals to Boost Your Social Media Platform

Chicago is packed with photo opportunities worthy of Instagram envy! As a proud Chicago born and raised girl, this city is dear to my heart. I still get butterflies driving down LSD (Lake Shore Drive) headed to my favorite city spots. Midwesterners call it “the City” because things so fabulous don’t need full names. I have collected locations from ten of my favorite murals in Chicago to share with you. By sharing these locations, I hope you take the opportunity to explore Chicago and find these bright gorgeous pieces. Take some of your own pictures to share on your social media platforms and tag me so I can see your work. Enjoy!

Moose Bubblegum Bubble

Murals are my thing! I love shooting at the Wabash Arts Corridor in the South Loop in Chicago. It is full of unique and colorful murals created by local art students attending Colombia College Chicago. Also known as a “living urban canvas” the murals do change periodically. One of my favorite works is the massive Moose Bubblegum Bubble by Jacob Watts. This fun bubblegum chomping moose is located at 33 E. Congress.

Moose Bubblegum Bubble – 33 E. Congress

Listen To Learn

A little further south on Wabash a huge four in one mural can be found. This is a great place to meet with friends for social media content as you could shot pictures in one location and have it look like you traveled to multiple murals in Chicago to find such gorgeous walls. Kristen McCrea’s Listen to Learn mural is located at 58 E. 11th Street.

Listen to Learn – 58 E. 11th Street
Listen to Learn – 58 E. 11th Street
Listen to Learn – 58 E. 11th Street

Sherwood Community Music School

Across the street from my first apartment in Chicago is the Sherwood Community Music School at 600 S. Michigan Avenue. Who wouldn’t want to go to school in this colorful school full of gorgeous flowers?

Sherwood Community Music School – 600 S. Michigan Avenue

Heart Emoji Mural

Every girly Chicago Instagramer has a shot in front of Erica Chin’s Heart Emoji Mural. It is located at 2214 N. Elston Avenue. The mural can be found on the garage door of a daycare. I absolutely love this spot for Valentine’s Day pictures!

Heart Emoji – 2214 N. Elston Avenue

Greetings from Chicago

A fan favorite for Chicago travelers and Chicago natives is the Greetings from Chicago mural found at 226 N Milwaukee Ave in Logan Square. Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs have been traveling the United States since April 2015, camping in their RV and painting murals wherever they go. As of January 8, 2021 the artist duo have completed over 44 murals in 21 states, continuing their mission to paint in all 50 states across America. Their Greetings Tour murals are designed after the popular ‘Large Letter’ postcards from the mid-20th century, featuring artwork that pertains to the city in each block letter.

Greetings From Chicago – 226 N Milwaukee Avenue

Colorful Brick Wall

A colorful backdrop always looks amazing in pictures! This colorful brick wall located in South Loop on E. 8th Street between Michigan Avenue and Wabash will be a great addition to your social media feeds!

Colorful Brick Wall – E. 8th Street between Michigan Avenue and Wabash

Memo’s Hot Dogs

The Pilsen area of Chicago is known for their murals. Everywhere you look in this area there is another gorgeous wall. This community is very proud of its street murals and there is good reason to be! Memo’s Hot Dogs on 1447 W 18th Street is decorated in bright colors and attractive street art. On the door of Memo’s Hot Dogs is a fabulous piece titled La Dama created by Matr and Kozmo, a Pilsen married couple. The door features an attractive lady with a pin-up hairstyle, in vintage colors, and with a seductively daring attitude. She was so fun to photograph with.

Memo’s Hot Dogs – 1447 W 18th Street

You Are Beautiful

Chicagoans can find small and large “You Are Beautiful” murals looking like cards from the game Cards Against Humanity in different parts of the city. This large mural is found close to the corner of Elston & Armitage. It makes the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram picture.

You Are Beautiful – Corner of Elston & Armitage

Lacuna Lofts

Statement quotes make a fabulous addition to your social media platform. These next two murals are right next to each other in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. Meg Zany’s stencil of Amelia Earhart is part of Zany’s Courage Has No Gender campaign features ten people who have made a significant impact on society despite a gender-related barrier. Next to Zany’s mural is Nightfall by WRDSMTH. Both can be found at Lacuna Lofts in Chicago at 2150 S. Canalport Avenue.

Lacuna Lofts – 2150 S. Canalport Avenue
Lacuna Lofts – 2150 S. Canalport Avenue

We have incredible photographic power in our pockets with our smartphones. Chicago has an incredible art scene and is full of beautiful murals. Get out there and enjoy these pieces of work and explore your creativity creating content for your social media pages with these Chicago murals I love! Have fun! Don’t forget to tag me at @ginnypaxkrosel 

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