Do you do hair oil treatments?

If you answered no, let me tell you why you should be adding this to your healthy hair routine.

1. Do you want your youthful hair back?

Antiaging specialist have discovered the key to healthy, youthful hair is a healthy scalp. The key to a healthy scalp is healthy oil production that results in active cellular renewal. As we age our bodies produce less of the natural oils our skin & scalp need. The shampoo process washes away these oils. Monat’s products help replenish the oils that aging & shampoo take away. Monat’s Rejuveniqe Oil has a similar molecular structure as the oil our bodies produce.  The Rejuveniqe Oil is the oily oil that penetrates all 3 layers of the hair shaft. Doing an oil treatment with Rejuveniqe Oil before washing will help your scalp retain natural oil crucial for youthful, healthy hair.


2. Does your scalp produce too much or too little oil?

If you are a “must wash everyday’ type of people, your scalp needs help! Your scalp PH is out of whack! I fight oil wit oil. Adding an overnight Rejuveniqe Oil treatment once a week to your hair routine will help balance out the oil production from your scalp. This will result in no more excess oil production and more days between washing! If your scalp is dry, an oil treatment will add much needed oil to your scalp. I used the Rejuveniqe Oil on my childrens’ cradle cap and it worked miracles.


3. Do you want your hair to grow faster?

Along with a healthy scalp comes a healthy hair bulb. Each single piece of hair has a bulb under the scalp. It needs a clean, unclogged path and nourishment to grow a healthy hair follicle and hair shaft. Think of this like a seed. Seeds needs the proper environment and nourishment to grow. The Rejuveniqe Oil has a blend of 13+ unique ingredients, including antioxidants, Beta-Carotene and Omega3 fatty acids that help nourish the hair bulb. The Rejuveniqe Oil also breaks down any impurities that might be sitting on the scalp, possibly hindering hair growth. Oil treatments are a great way to give your scalp the nourishment it needs to grow!


4. Do you want less hair breakage?

I strengthen my strands by adding Rejuveniqe Oil mid shaft to ends of my hair. Monat’s oil penetrates deep into the layers of your hair & nourishes your lady locks from the inside.

Healthy hair starts at the scalp. I do overnight oil treatments to help combat overproduction of oil in the warmer months and under production of oil in the colder months. The treatments protect, nourish and hydrate my hair from the inside out. I use Rejuveniqe Oil because it’s molecular structure is so tiny it actually penetrate my hair strands and to heal them.  And that healing is where change begins.


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