Which shampoo is right for you???

Not all shampoos are created equal. It’s important to have the right one for your hair type. I believe it is also important to use a good-quality shampoo. My go-to shampoo Brand is Monat Global. I have partnered as an influencer with Monat Global because I absolutely love their shampoos! I use more than one shampoo in my rotation. Depending on the season, my hair needs, different hair styles and more, there are shampoos for all my needs with Monat!

Let’s break down the shampoo offerings and see which one would be best for you!

🌿Black Shampoo – This loved shampoo is a gentle clarification shampoo. It is good for thinner hair. It helps to keep blondes blonde by getting rid of the brass in light colored hair. This shampoo is perfect first wash. I use this shampoo weekly to get a good clean after using a lot of hairspray. It will make your scalp squeak it gets it so clean. This is also my husband’s favorite shampoo.

🌿 Revive Shampoo – This is the first shampoo that made me fall in love with Monat. It is perfect for finer to normal hair. It is part of the volumizing collection and it sure does adds volume to my thin hair!

🌿 Renew Shampoo – This is part of Monat’s moisturizing line. It is moisturizing for all hair types giving a very gentle cleanse. I suggest the Renew Shampoo to men and women with thicker hair.

🌿 Smoothing Shampoo – This shampoo tames frizz. It works on all hair types. The Smoothing shampoo helps control hair for straight and curly styles. I use the Smoothing Shampoo for my first wash to help tame flyaways.

🌿 Advanced Hydrating Shampoo – This shampoo adds a great moisture for fine hair with hyaluronic acid. This shampoo is great for hot dry weather when you need to add more hydration to your hair. I use the Advanced Hydrating Shampoo after swimming in pools with chlorine to help may hair get it’s hydration back after the chemicals in the pool removed it. This is a good add-in shampoo to any regular routine.

🌿 Super Nourish Creme Shampoo – This shampoo has a HEAVY moisture level. It will add amazing shine to your. Best for thicker, course, curly hair, and ethnic hair. The Super Nourish Cream Shampoo may make anyone with fine hair feel greasy and weighed down.

🌿 Intense Repair Shampoo – This shampoo is for situations of balding and hair thinning. I recommend the Intensive Repair Shampoo for post chemo patients, cases of male and female pattern baldness, Alopecia, etc. This is not suitable for regular use for someone with “normal” hair because it may cause hair to become dry or damaged. It could long term use for “normal” hair may add too much protein bonds. I do use this shampoo as a first wash once a week. It gives an intensive cleaning feeling on my scalp. I follow with a more moisturizing shampoo to balance out the extreme deep clean from the Intensive Repair Shampoo.

I hope you find a perfect shampoo for your hair type! Monat is awesome, because there are products for all hair types and ethnicities.  They offer the perfect shampoo for men, women, children of all ages and most recently pets! Monat has systems for all: oily hair, thin hair, thick hair, coarse hair, dry hair, soft hair, long hair, short hair and any other hair issue you may be facing.

Do not forget Monat products are four times more concentrated than your average shampoo including salon quality products. Monat’s shampoos have less water and more product. Which means you don’t need more than a nickel to quarter sized portion to wash your hair. They will last longer than the salon quality products which in the end save you money.

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