Five Self-Care Holiday Tips


Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself During the Holiday Season

It is holiday time! As we embrace the cold weather in cozy sweaters, we enjoy shimmering lights, freshly baked winter spiced treats, and heart-fully wrapped gifts.

On top of the blissful gift giving season, spirits can be dampened by things like travel obligations, long lines, money issues, in-law pains, nasty weather and more. In order to soak up the full holiday experience, don’t forget about spoiling yourself! Here are five ways to mix a little self-care into your holiday season hustle and bustle!

A Spa Day

While the holidays are an opportunity to connect with friends and family, a little personal time is much deserved and needed. Spa days are relaxing! Treat yourself to a day to refresh your mind, body and soul. A good massage will not only help with physical pain, but a good massage gives you time to reflect on life and detach from the daily holiday craziness.

Eat Well

The holidays are filled with dinner parties, cocktails and late nights, so a little splurge is expected this time of year. With cold weather, we also spend more time at home. Try to work more fruits and veggies into your meals, and don’t feel obligated to stuff yourself during those extravagant holiday dinners. If you’re going to give in to a craving (most experts agree you occasionally should give in) watch your portions. It is important to mention dark chocolate has been shown to help reduce risk of heart disease, raise levels of healthy cholesterol, and be a mood booster.

Winter Hair Treatments

I enjoy the changing seasons. I love watching the leaves turn red, yellow and brown in the fall and winter’s first snow flurries. Cold weather can be drying to our hair, though. Add hydration into your hair routine. I suggest the Advanced Hydrating Hair Care Collection by Monat Global to keep hair hydrated. Dry hair breaks and frizzes easily. For you curly girls, the Super Nourish line is just the thing for dry to ultra-dry hair. Check out the Advanced Hydrating or Super Nourish hair lines here!

Take a Walk

Winter is one of my favorite times of year. I miss living in downtown Chicago and spending time walking places. Make the most of Christmas lights, winter festivals and tree lighting parades, but a walk around the neighborhood is fabulous too. Put on your winter coat, hat and gloves and take a few walks a week around your neighborhood, get some fresh air and soak up the cold winter air.

Make Time to get Comfy, Cozy and Relax

Winter, especially the holiday season, can be stressful. Allow yourself time to relax. Catch up on Netflix under a warm blanket while avoiding social media. Make time to focus on coziness and warmth! A nap or catching up with a show you’ve missed during the craziness of the holiday season can create comfort during the cold season.

The cold weather months can be a difficult time when it comes to your physical and mental health.  Like me, many love the change in seasons and the holidays, but the colder months can be challenging for a lot of people. Effective self-care strategies to get you through the colder months can make all the difference in how well you feel as we pass through the short winter days. Don’t forget about you!