What is Modern Nature?

The name MONAT (pronounced maw·nāt) comes from “modern nature”. With the company slogan “We are modern nature.” Monat’s products are naturally based, which means that they contain ingredients close to their natural source. These ingredients include high-quality botanical extracts, essential oils and vitamins. They’re blended with cleansing products, called surfactants, and emulsifiers.

Naturally based hair and skincare products means you get the best of both worlds: a product with ingredients that are as close to the source as possible blended in effective and safe formulations. Monat’s ingredients give you the best benefits of what the earth has to offer.


It is important to clarify that the products offered by Monat are not all-natural. To be considered an all-natural product preservative would have to be left of out of the product. The absence of preservatives would mean that products would have a very limited shelf-life and would need to be refrigerated. Since Monat products are natural-based, it is necessary to give products a good shake (especially shampoos) before using it as the product tends to separate by the different oils into layers.

The science behind Monat’s success is embedded in the company’s proprietary oil blend. This oil, the Rejuveniqe Oil, is a patented blend of 13+ oils from around the world and found in most of MONAT’s products. Washing our hair strips our scalps of natural oils. Other products try to replace our natural oils with unnatural chemicals. Using science to create Monat’s Rejuveniqe Oil to be as close to nature as possible creates an oil that mimics our natural oils. Monat’s anti-aging products restore essential moisture and nutrients to our hair and scalp lost by years of neglect, heat appliances, and chemical treatments.


Are you ready to start your healthy hair journey? I’m here to help! Let’s put some modern nature into your shower ASAP! Monat’s products can be found here. Not sure where to start? Take a hair quiz here!