5 Ways You Can Use Conditioner to Maximize Hair Results

Shampoo’s job is to remove dirt, get rid of product buildup and clean up daily grime left on your hair. Shampooing also removes your hairs natural oil which isn’t great. Regular use of hot tools leaves your hair dry, frizzy and damaged too. However, after shampooing we use a conditioner to soften our hair! Are you conditioning your hair correctly? It is simple, right? Shampoo, rinse, condition, rinse! Well, maybe it’s not so simple! Please read my five tips on how to properly condition your hair.

Tip #1 – Prep Your Clean Hair!

Make sure you rinse out the shampoo completely. Before adding conditioner, squeeze access water out of your hair. The access water dilutes your conditioner and prevents hair from soaking up moisturizing ingredients.

Tip #2 – Keep the Conditioner Off Your Scalp!

Apply your favorite conditioner from the tips of your ears down towards the ends of your hair. You do not need to condition your hair at the roots. The natural oil your scalp produces is more concentrated and the hair closest to that area receives the oil first. You know this happens after a few days of not washing your hair when your roots become oily.

Tip #3 – Let the Conditioner Sit!

The longer conditioner stays on your hair the better your hair absorbs the conditioner. If you have longer hair, pin it up and finish your shower. Looking for something to do in the shower? You can shave, soap and lather, relax or sing and dance. Moms should spend this time relaxing!

Tip #4 – Bring on the Chill!

Finish your shower routine with a cold-water rinse. Cold-water works to seal the cuticle of your hair. The cuticle is the outer layer of your hair. Sealing your hair cuticle will help to add shine and strengthen your hair.

Tip #5 – Choose the Right Conditioner for Your Hair Type.

There are many types of hair. Picking a conditioner that is advertised for your specific hair needs, whether your hair is curly, limp, frizzy, dry, colored, fine or damaged or all the above at the same time, there is a conditioner to help your specific hair type.
Conditioning your hair correctly will keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Use conditioner to your best advantage. My two favorite conditioners are Monat’s Revitalize Volumizing Conditioner and Monat’s Restore Leave-in Conditioner. Sometimes (especially in the summer), I use both conditioners for a single
wash. Click here to order my favorite conditioners! 

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Happy conditioning, beauties!