Top 10 Reasons to Work as a MONAT Global Influencer

There is much more to gain from working for a network marketing company like MONAT Global than just money. Whether you are looking for extra income, a reason to leave your 9-5 job, are looking for a side hustle as a college student, are a stylist spending too much time behind the chair or are a stay at home mom looking for a home-based business, the MONAT opportunity can fill more than just your pocketbook. Here are 10 reasons why you should work as a MONAT Global Influencer:

Before we get started, have you heard of Monat Global?

MONAT stands for Modern Nature and is a Florida based family-owned company offering products made in the U.S.A. Monat offers a naturally-based hair care line that heals your hair from the inside out. These amazing products restore the root issues of your hair using essential oils and other botanically-based ingredients to bring your hair back to health. The products do not contain sulfates, waxes, parabens or harmful fragrances. Monat is a company focusing on the success of the men and women using and supporting their products. Read through these ten reasons to join as a hair influencer and I think you will love what you find!

#10 Offer A Product Everyone Needs

Haircare products are a multibillion-dollar industry. We all wash our hair and will need shampoo to wash it. Shampoo is a consumable product. This means customers
will use the products and continue to use. When consumers find a product that works for them, they tend to stick with it. After all, when you look good, you feel good!

#9 Get Paid to Work from your Smartphone When and Where you Want to

The internet is changing the world as we know. There has never been a better time in history to start a business and especially one that involves connecting with people. You are easily connected to hundreds or even thousands of people with a push of a button with your smartphone. It’s time to turn all that evening smartphone scrolling into extra income! In any great network marketing company, you can work and earn on your schedule. As a teacher, I can work my Monat business in the evenings, on weekends and in the summer.

#8 Monat Gratitude Gives Back Thousands Yearly

Monat Gratitude is a special piece of the Monat culture. Through the Monat Gratitude Program, the company makes giving back a priority. They want to make differences within communities all over the world. This program seeks to create awareness among Monat Influencers and their networks through three pillars. The three pillars are families, youth/children, and education. A few of my favorite gratitude efforts have been: educating homeless woman and children, collecting backpacks full of school supplies to donate to low-income schools, giving money to natural disaster relief, donations to veterans in Canada, the U.S.A or the U.K. and much more.

#7 Help Others Gain Confidence Through Hair

Monat’s remarkable products saved my hair from the awful damaged caused by hair extensions and postpartum hair loss. Sharing these products with other men and woman resulting in hair regrowth, more manageable hair and adding overall brilliance to hair helps men and woman to gain confidence. I absolutely love hearing from my customers and seeing their hair change. In my own personal customers, I have seen hair regrowth, dandruff disappears, and psoriasis clears up.

#6 Help Others Earn Money

You can build a great network to sell Monat’s products, but you also get to offer the business opportunity to others. It is just amazing to watch others succeed in their Monat business that you helped them to grow.

#5 Product You Can Believe In

Monat’s products are formulated with powerful active botanicals and are designed to work together to give consumers their best hair day ever. Whether you’re looking
to bring an end to thinning hair or turn frizzy, fried strands into smooth, brilliant locks, Monat has the solution you’re looking for. While at my last Monat event, one
of the scientists sitting on the scientific board behind the products spoke to us about higher porosity and taught us about microscopic holes that can be added from chemicals or heat damage making hair frizzy or giving your flyaway (if you have this problem, check out the Frizz Fix). I absolutely love that Monat educates their Influencers about their products. On top of amazing products, Monat stands behind their products so much they offer a thirty-day, empty bottle, money-back guarantee. There aren’t many other companies like this around!

#4 No Need To Carry Stock

Monat Influencers receive their own professional branded website/e-commerce store making it easy for your customers to order on their own. With this website, you can
market the products 24/7, which means I sell products and earn money while I am sleeping.

#3 That Hair Though


Your hair is your shining glory. It is a crown you don’t take off! I absolutely love my MONAT hair! My hair is fuller, thicker, longer, smoother and has more volume. The smooth texture and manageability Monat offers is one of a kind!

#2 Recognition and Appreciation

On top of earning an income, Monat recognizes their influencers with prizes including fabulous incentive trips and free products for reaching attainable goals. I worked as a MONAT Influencer less than a year before I earned a trip to Las Vegas. I would have never believed as a mom of three and full-time teacher, I would be able to earn a free 4-day trip, but I did. My free Las Vegas trip was an unforgettable time to connect with other Monat Influencers and train with over 4,000 other hair product-loving men and woman just like me.

#1 Gain an Amazing Network of Strong, Smart and Fabulous Women

I have met some of the most fabulous women working with Monat Global. These women are just like me! Do you get to be surrounded by fun, ambitious, likeminded people at your job? Most people are not. Network marketing attracts the very best people, which is very beneficial to you because you then surround yourself in a new culture that supports you and helps you become successful.

I cannot say that all network marketing companies are the same or that they all offer the same success rates, but MONAT has proven to me to be the real deal. Do your research when looking into joining a direct sales company. Take a leap of faith and do something that could change your life forever!

If you would like to sign up to work for MONAT Global – Feel free to click here!