Five Tips To Choose The Best Side Hustle For You

How does one decide which side hustle to choose from?

There are so many!

Extra money is something we all want in our wallets. Whether you’re saving to buy a car, needing to pay for your wedding or need money to pay your bills, an extra income is something that can help. Creating multiple income streams is quickly becoming the norm for many people. There is a side hustle out there to fit so many interests and desires. From ride share companies, to walking dogs or starting your own blog, there are a lot of side hustles to choose from. On top of making money, side hustles also connect you with like minded people. If you get along well with your Avon or Mary Kay girl, join her!

Photographer: @gabemfuranna

5 tips to choose the best side hustle for you:

Tip #1 – Choose something you “love!” You are going to be a walking advertisement for your product. When someone compliments you, come back and tell them you are that way because the amazing product you support. If you have a favorite past time or hobby, think if you can make money with that activity some how. Did you excel at math or history class? Become a tutor!

Tip #2 – Choose something everyone uses; something consumable. If your side hustle is a product people need to buy time and time again, you’ll have repeat customers returning to buy more! Keep those customers! If you love your Shaklee vitamins, share them with friends and family and get paid for it!

Tip #3 – Find something people are already using, but a better version of it! It is way too hard to have to teach someone to use a new product and people are often stuck in their ways! Over 100 million woman in the U.S.A. use mascara and will repeatedly buy mascara. If you like make-up, become a Younique presenter.

Tip #4 – Choose something without a lot of competition! Choose a product that is the first of its kind! Uniqueness is good in this case! Could you imagine having the opportunity to be one of the starters of Facebook? Don’t forget the idea of social media came from a college dorm room.

Tip #5 – Will you have fun? You should have a fun time with your business partners while you work together to build a long-term business. Find a supportive sponsor. You will have to put the effort in to succeed, but make sure you like the people you will be working with.