Are You Washing Your Hair Correctly?

Are you washing your hair correctly? If you don’t know the answer to that or your answer is “I think so?” then keep reading!

Please make sure you are washing your hair correctly with your Monat Global products!

Here are tips on how to get the most out of your MONAT products:

💧 Wash your hair twice. If you do not get a good lather on the second wash, wash again (yes, a third time).

💧 You probably will not get a lather on the first wash. That is 100% normal. Focus mostly on the scalp with that first wash and keep working it in as you would if it were lathering.

💧 Remember MONAT is very concentrated. You only need a nickel to quarter-sized amount of product. Check out the difference in how much MONAT shampoo should be used to regular shampoo:

💧 Rinse, rinse, rinse. Make sure all the product is thoroughly rinsed.

💧 If you are prone to tangles, brush your hair prior to washing and gently work the product into the mid-shaft and ends rather than piling the hair on your head and scrubbing.

💧 The masque is a treatment product. Do not use it as a daily conditioner. These masques are designed to be used every 4 to 5 washes and should not be left on the hair longer than 15 minutes.

💧 Shake products before use to mix the product up. MONAT’s products are as close to nature as shampoo and conditioner get and they may settle into layers in the bottles when not being used.

💧 Emulsify your MONAT Shampoo in your hands before applying it to your hair (both washes). Emulsify means to add the product to your hand, add water and rub. Monat’s products need this to happen because they are much more concentrated that other shampoos.

❣️ MONAT is not just any ordinary shampoo and it is designed to work very differently from what you are probably used to, but that is a good thing!

❣️ Never be afraid to reach out with questions. That is what I’m here for! There can be a learning curve with MONAT and I am absolutely here to help you have the best experience possible on your journey to fabulous hair.