Five Easy Changes to Help with Healthy Hair Growth

Are your daily routines damaging your hair? My day-to-day hair practices were taking a toll on my hair before I became dedicated to changing my routine for the better and I had no idea! That is why I came up with these five easy changes to help with healthy hair growth! If you are ready to join the #healthyhairrevolution, it is time to change up your hair routine.

Avoid Hair Products with Wax and Silicone

Treat your hair like beautiful expensive silk! You wear your hair more than that beautiful silk scarf too. You wear your hair every day! Avoid using products that contain wax or silicone. Both of these products coat your hair to make your hair feel smooth and soft. The wax and silicone build up in your hair (yes, it doesn’t wash all the way out) and you need to add more heat to your routine to heat style your hair. I currently use only 240 ֠ on my curling iron and my curl holds all day. I used to pride myself in my hot tools that reached degrees on 450 ֠֠. Ouch! That is HOT! FYI – it is recommended to iron silk at 300 ֠. I’m way under that with my hot tools! Are you?

Add a Heat Protectant to your Routine


If you blow-dry your hair, use hot tools or if your hair sees the sun, you need to be protecting your hair from heat. A heat protectant can help to keep your hair healthy. Hair heat protectants form a barrier over the cuticle on the hair preventing heat damage and enabling your hair to keep its high shine. Even if you aren’t using heat styling tools every day, a heat protectant can also work as a leave-in conditioner to create a frizz-free look. Make sure this heat protectant doesn’t contain wax and silicone (please read above).

Brush Your Hair Before You Shower

Even if your hair is a windblown Jet Ski mess, you need to brush your hair before you jump in the shower. Your hair is much stronger when it is dry than when it is wet. If you get the tangles and knots out while wet, you won’t damage your hair after you wash by tugging a brush through wet hair causing breakage.

Purchase a Microfiber Hair Towel

Cotton is so rough and damaging to our hair. Microfiber absorbs water more rapidly and there is no need for rubbing to dry your hair. Without the need to rub your hair or do that dangerous hair towel twist, less friction is created. Less friction means less breakage! Microfiber also doesn’t produce lint. Lint from cotton towels can cause hair to tangle.

Indulge in a Silk Pillowcase

To avoid waking up in the morning looking like you stuck your finger in an electrical outlet, indulging in a silk pillowcase. Sleeping on a luxury silk pillowcase will help keep bedhead under control. The natural properties of silk, including the smooth surface, help to reduce friction on your hair, which often causes damage to your hair, like split ends.

Following these tips has helped me to grow my hair longer than I ever could before. I want you to achieve the hair of your dreams! Please reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to know which products I recommend for the tips mentioned above.