Five Distinct Qualities of MONAT

What makes MONAT different from all the other shampoo brands? Here are 5 distinct qualities that make MONAT better than the rest!

  1. They use only R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) USP Pharmacopeia grade water as the base for all of the products. Sixty to eighty percent of body care products is water.  Using R.O. water assures that the products do not contain contaminants. These contaminants include heavy metals, pesticides and other things found in our water. By using R.O. water, MONAT is able to use minimal amounts of preservatives in their products. R.O. water acts as a sponge. It contains empty water molecules looking for something to absorb. These molecules absorb the botanical extracts and vitamins that we add in the manufacturing process, which also provides consistency and superior texture.
  2. MONAT produces products using the highest quality food and pharmaceutical grade botanical extracts, essential oils, vitamins, and minerals. They do not use industrial grade vitamins. These industrial grade vitamins are found in most body care products on the market today.
  3. MONAT produces all of its products in small batches. Small batch manufacturing assures that the products are consistent.
  4. MONAT never boils their products. This assures that the natural, health giving vitamins and botanical extracts, will not lose their nutrient values. Most cosmetics are manufactured in large steam pressurization vats that boil the products at high temperatures, which causes them to turn to a liquid or cream state. This is equivalent to boiling your vegetables too long, taking away all of their nutrient values.
  5. MONAT avoids the use of heavy chemicals. These ingredients often lead to unwanted skin conditions.

It is the goal of MONAT to provide products close to natural as possible. The name MONAT comes from MOdern NATure. Product integrity and consumer safety will always be the guiding factor in ingredient choices.

MONAT follows three principle rules when determining ingredients that will be used:

MONAT will consult with multiple leading industry laboratories for input and evaluation as to what ingredients will provide the best results.

MONAT will only use ingredients that are accepted by the FDA and those that are recognized by the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) rule.

MONAT also use the USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) standards for ingredient

It is their commitment to always research and identifies ingredients that will provide healthy, product integrity and consumer satisfaction.

If you are interested in purchasing MONAT’s start here by taking their Hair Quiz or reach out to me about which products would be best for you to start with. I am happy to give a free personal hair consultation to find the best hair products for you!

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